The devastating truth of the financial situation for Mummy Jee’s Trust


One month ago we arrived home from India, after two weeks at the school of Mummy Jee, where 200 children are educated in boarding school and day school. They also have a lady’s education where 100 ladies have the chance to receive an education which qualifies for a job 6 month down the line. All of this is free of charge, as a service to the poor children, who would otherwise be uneducated, and in worst case, be begging on the street.

Now the children are blooming in joy and happiness, due to the fantastic work of Mummy Jee (Jeanne Pere) a French elder lady and the staff around her.

The schools are very functional, with educated staff and a team full of determination to help the children to a better future.


But they are in big needs. When we arrived there, they told us that if we could not help them, they would close the school. So we took on the task to find sponsors for them. This last month we have been working late hours to try to fulfill the promises we’ve made. We have many ideas and long-term solutions, but it takes time to build up.

All the money we collect will go unlimited to the school and their finances. We will not receive any of this. On the other hand, we donate as much as we can every month. We cover a third of their monthly expenses with our private money, but this is still not enough. A minimum monthly budget for the school to survive is 3700€ or 35000 kr. So for the moment they have teachers who have not been paid for month, who cannot pay their own bills. They are buying most their food on credit, hoping that next month more money will come, to pay their debts.

The knowledge that these 200 children might lose their home and their chance to get a well-respected education is devastating. That is why we ask for your help. Please help these sweet, beautiful children to be able to continue their education.

On the website you can pay trough paypal, otherwise you can forward money on the account of the Mummy Jee organization in Norway: 9537 05 56394, people in Sweden can use this account in Handelsbanken: 6683-729406792 and in Denmark: 08902148621. Once or twice a month we will collect the money to the Mummy Jee Trust we have created in Norway, and forward all of them to the school in India.

The next time will be on Monday the 15th, since they have an urgent need of money, they need them as soon as possible. Everybody will get a receipt, which you might be able to withdraw on your declaration, depending on the regulations of your country.

So please help these beautiful beings continue with their life in safe environment.

You will find much more information on the website.

Last month we asked them to buy soap for the children, since there was no soap available when we were there. These pictures show how happy they are for just soap.




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