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2016 Annual Function in Mummy jee’s premises of the school



Mummy jee Educational Charitable Trust celebrated its 1st Annual Function on November 25th 2016 under the patronage of our friend Jacques vigne.

People from the different stratus of life, made themselves a part of this memorable function and they thanked Mummy jee and her team for creating in village such a wonderful platform for the welfare of poor and helpless children. More than one thousand people were present – villagers, parents, friends, sympathisers…- and honourable guests were represented by venerable personalities of Gaya and Bodhgaya. They wished this Trust a long life journey!

The Function was a great blend of cultural programs along with music performance and Drama, performed by the school children of “Mummy jee Educational Charitable Trust”. Students acted various arts of workshops guided by their teachers; Karate demonstration, Yoga demonstration, Pyramids and cultural dances were the main cynosures of the Function.

This Annual Function of Mummy jee’s School was completely devoted to the poor children living and studying in this Trust.

Although these children of backward class used to live before in poverty, with wild manners, uneducated, unfamiliar with any protocol, they got, on that event, the opportunity to represent themselves in a very nice way, with courtesy towards this social gathering, and showed on stage their qualities, with lovely grace, and genuine involvement.

Our main objective was to make our children fulfilled of enjoyment on demonstrating their achievements in education and the “art of life”.  A change in manner and expressing themselves has been seen along the year in the students residing in “Mummy jee Educational Charitable Trust”.


May God bless them to continue learning more and more by the means of education with the care & love of those who surround them, in Mummy jee’s school!



Deepak Sir (from the desk of teachers)



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