Annual function & Mummy Jees 76’th birthday


Annual Function : A platform for manner teaching.

Mummy Jee educational charitable trust celebrated its first annual function on November 25 2016. People from the different corner  of life made themselves a part of this memorable function and they thanked Mummy Jee and her term for creating such wonderful platform for the welfare of poor and helpless children. They wished this trust a long live journey. The function was a great blend of cultural programs along with musical performance and dram, performed by the school of Mummy Jee educational Trust. Students performed various arts of workshops guided by their teachers. Karate demonstration, yoga demonstration and cultural dance, performed by the students were the main cynosures of functions.

As it is a well-known fact that man is a social animal. We must be familiar with the way how to be a part of social and family gathering. The first Annual Function of Mummy Jee s school was completely devoted to the poor children living and studying in this trust. In general, it is seen that uneducated and poor children don’t know how to be a part of family occasion like, marriage party, birth day party and even festivals. As these children belong to the backward class, they are quite unfamiliar with the protocol and the manner in which they should represent themselves in the functions and social gathering. Our main objective was to make these children aware of the etiquette and courtesy, so that they can be a genuine and important part of their upcoming social events of the function.

Students got themselves benefited by the function and they learnt the proper style of behaving in general life. A change in manner and expressing themselves can be seen in the students residing in Mummy Jee Educational charitable Trust after the remarkable function held on November 25 2016.


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