A typical day at the school

The children get up around 06-07. They wash, get dressed and comb their hair.20151201_090556

At 07.30 they will eat breakfast at the roof. They will have rice with dhal (lentil sauce) they will eat this in shifts, since they don’t have enough plates for all the children.

At 08 the day children comes and all the children are gathered on the roof.IMG_20160102_160520 Here they will chant their morning prayer in Hindi, sing a few songs, both in English and Hindi. After this the teacher will read some of the relevant news, from the newspaper, both in Hindi and English.

IMG_20160110_125125When the gathering is done, they split up into three groups on the roof, facing different sides. Here they will do their classes of math, Hindi or other basic subjects.

Then lunch is served. They will have rice or chapatti with dhal and some vegetable, most often potatoes.

After this traditional subjects will continue to 14. Then they will have teachings like yoga, karate, music, dancing and theater. Here they will be taught much of their tradition and cultural heritage.IMG_20151231_130053

Sunday is the temple day. They will be ready at 7.30 to meet outside in a line, and walk the 30 minutes it takes to come to the main temple in Bodhgaya. Here they meditate and chant Buddhist prayers. Afterwards they will have two slices of toast with chili sauce and a fruit for breakfast. When they have eaten, they will play in the garden of the temple. The teenagers living on the school will help taking care of the children, together with Munna and Mummy Jee. The rest of the Sunday is the day of. Here they will wash their school uniform, and wear their own clothes. They will play with their ludo or chess game, since these are the only two games they have. Here children still remember how to play with each other, having fun together, instead of disconnecting with a phone or iPad.

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