Prayer in the temple

Prayer in the temple

Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust is an opportunity for the poor children from rural areas. Here those children, who otherwise would not have attended school, will get an education.

The Trust is not only helping the children in their school. They also give health care to the poor communities in the nearby villages too. The trust has a mobile clinic, and travel around the country site to help people who cannot afford medicine or an appointment at the doctor’s.

“Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust” is concerned about theforside 2 empowerment of women; therefore they have created an education center, where elder girls will get an education in sewing, computer skills, or beauty parlor vocational training. After their training, they receive a certificate, which is validation to apply for jobs in the area of their skills.

The trust especially helps the girls, since only one third of those have attended school. Most girls and women in India are working at home in the field with agriculture.

When the children finish elementary school the trust will support them with further training, if possible, they will even sponsor education in the university. By this, the children who are lowest in the cast system of India, the untouchable, will have an equal chance to get a good job and build a secure future with a proper paid job. They will be part of changing the world, where all humans have equal rights for education, and all are valued the same for their skills.

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