Becoming a member of the organization is a simple way to be updated with the school and what is happening. Your 12528727_211845995839567_483563237_ocontribution is 500 NOK/ 53€/ 60$ for one year, and you’ll receive the newsletter once a month. Here you will get updates about the schools, all what have been happening there. This is a good way to get to know the students and the schools.

When you are a member of the organization you will be invited to the annual meeting and have a right to vote. The next meeting will be in April 2017 and will happen virtual, so all around the world can participate.

The more members the organization has, the easier it is for us to apply for money from governmental funds, so please help us grow, this is very important.

You can support us by using the paypal button or by sending money to Mummyjee Educational Charitable Trust’s Handelsbanken Norway: SWIFT/BIC: HANDNOKK, IBAN: NO7695370556394

If you have an account in Norway this is the information you need: 9537 05 56394

Thank you for your support.

Your help matters and it goes 100% to the children and the schools.

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