Mummy Jee

In 2002 Jeanne PERE, a retired French teacher, decides to get involved in helping some fifty illiterate small children. 12562634_177878459236321_2051055307_oThey were lost in the streets of Bodhgaya, begging, shivering with cold and hunger, these children expressed all the poverty of Bihar, one of the poorest regions of India. Today, “Mummy Jee” as she has been baptized by the children and the people of Bodhgaya and the small team of the “Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust” are giving their dignity back to those children. Mummy Jee has started two boarding schools of 200 students, and 7 primary schools in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Here they are offering education for the children, medical care and social development for the villagers.

She never tires helping the poor people and her drive is that all human are born equal, so all should have an equal chance in society.

She has won 8 awards for her outstanding work, the last one in January 2016. Her big heart and her strong determination has made her come this far.

Mummy Jee is the head director of the Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust, and she has been the head of other organizations before.

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