12562676_179301562427344_1216668919_oThe Trust is an NGO, meaning they don’t receive any governmental finance. They are depending on donations for all their expenses. This is very challenging, especially now, since they opened the new school without any continually donator, so every month it is a struggle, where they have the doubts of “will we manage”, “will we have to close the school and abandon 150 children, forcing them to go back to living on the street, begging for food”. It is very stressful circumstances.

Every month it is a choice of “which expenses shall we priorities this month”. Often the teachers will get payed one or two month late, and due to this, good teachers will stop working for the trust. It is very devastating.IMG_20151231_121731

The Trust is happy for all it can get, big as small. For their continuously security it is most appreciated to receive monthly donations.

All the money given to the trust will be accounted and the giver will get a receipt. Depending on the regulations in your country it is possible to withdraw it from the tax return.

It is possible to specify where you want your money to go; E.g. food, salaries, school material, shelter, medicine, youth education, mobile clinic etc.


Coming as a volunteer is another fantastic way to help. You would need to stay for at least some month, and depending on your skills, we will find things you can help with. The school is in big need.

You can help in many ways

We are thankful if you spread the knowledge about the trust to your friends, families and colleagues. And we are happy to send you brochures or other information to share the knowledge about us.

If possible we can also come and tell about the school and work we are doing.

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