The Education Center

12067926_154587911553777_1867076706_nIn the education center young women will get a chance to have a relevant education. They will attend a 6 months program in computer skills, sewing and needlecraft or in beauty parlor.

At the computer center 60 young women are enrolled. They are divided into 4 groups of 15, who will have one session a day each. Every second day they will have theory and every second day they will have practical work on the computer. Every month they will go through a test to check that they have learned the skills and to see their performance. After the 6 month they will complete the DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) course with a final test and they receive a certificate. With this they will be able to get a job as an operator in an office, they can teach basic computer skills in schools or continue further with their study.12625934_183129078711259_942958614_n

The enrollment in the sewing program is similar, and the setup is the same. In the sewing center they will get educated to be a skilled dressmaker. Here they will also learn the handicraft of knitting and embroidery. The decoration on many dresses in India is made by hand and they will learn the artwork of this. In the end of their 6 month, they will be skilled as working in a sewing center or as a seamstress.12583864_183129365377897_1572619366_n12467969_183129402044560_507907055_n

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