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The new school20160108_141109(2)

The new school of Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust is based in Bagha Village, a poor village close to Bodhgaya.

The buildings are nice, with good facilities, running water, bathrooms in every room and electricity in every room. Since there isn’t a big room, where all the students and teachers can gather, most of their teaching happens on the roof. There they will do their morning gathering, prayer and read from the newspaper, to know what is happening in the world.

The school has no television or computer with internet connection, so the newspaper is their only way to connect with the outside World.

IMG_20160106_103200In wintertime the roof is a good place to be, since it is nice and cold. But when the summer comes and the rainy season, they will have a big problem with space for the 150 children in boarding school and the 50 in day school.

The children here are in all ages, the smallest only 3 years of age. Most of the children in the school are girls in the smaller classes. But the school also has a class of elder primarily school class 6-9.12620941_183035448720622_2082940130_o

The trust is also providing further education for some handicapped children, who are attaining high school and university. They have been with Mummy Jee most of their life. If it wasn’t for her, they would be on the street begging, since here no one respect a handicapped child.

The boarding school

When the school finishes at 14-16, the main teachers leave for their homes. Now the children have time to play or do homework. Sometimes they go to the field to play football. In the evening and night time Guddu Kumar is in charge. He is the only teacher in the school building at this time. So the children also use the kitchen staff as support and an extra mother, especially the girls.


Morning prayer


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