The Trusts

Mummy Jees Educational Charitable Trust is helping in many ways. At the moment the main focus is on the twoIMG_2759 schools, but they are spreading like ripples. Helping one child from a poor family is helping the whole family.

The second school, The Education Center is for young women who do not have any education. They have 3 different programs; Computer training, sewing and beauty parlor. Here is more information

They receive training by qualified teachers, and in the end they will receive a certification, which will be validation to apply for jobs in the area they have been trained.

Mummy Jees trusts has through the years started many projects and new ones popping up, according to the needs. The trust is very active in the neighborhood and Mummy Jee, the director of the trust, is highly respected for the work she is doing for the poor people here.

Other projectssygehjælp

Mobile clinic

The team, together with a doctor, travels to nearby rural villages to help the people here, by giving them medicines and medical treatment. The people living here are not able to seek medical help do to poverty or the distance they would need to travel to the doctor’s office. The team will also teach in sanitation and other basic knowledge to keep sickness away.

Mummy Jees Trust has been helping in many other projects too, one of them was for the local farmers to get the most out of their crops and teach those who cannot, how to cultivate the land.

The Norwegian TrustTeachers, staff and social workers

We have created an organization in Norway, which has the same name, and the statute are to support the Trust in India. We hope that this organization will be a safe way for people in Europe and America to support Mummy Jee’s Trust.

All the work done in the organization is freely done and all the money collected and received here goes to the Indian Trust.


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